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Railway Insulators


Railway Insulators

Railway insulators have a very high resistivity as well as a low conductivity. Their atoms possess tight bound electrons which don’t actually move across the material. Since the electrons are always static as well as not roaming freely, the current can’t pass through it at all. Apart from protecting the loss of a current, the insulators also make the electric current even more efficient by simply concentrating flow of the current.

The insulators which are meant for the applications in railway traction need very high performance, high safety as well as high strength. These types of insulators are mainly manufactured in accordance with the demand and specification setup by RDSO, which is the main governing body. These types of insulators are mainly used in the 25KV railway traction systems, meeting the demand of electrification of railway lines in India. The roofline insulator is used in locomotives mostly.

We provide different kinds of railway insulators like:

1. Stay arm and bracket insulator for supporting conductor to pole.

2. 9 ton, sectioning insulators for end termination and traction line operation and substation of Railway.

3. Roofline, Post insulator for locomotive.

These insulators are mainly developed to not just meet but also exceed demand laid by RDSO, the main governing body for electrical traction insulator application. The insulator manufactured is subject to acceptance as well as routine tests according to the standards of RDSO. The size of the sample is increased mainly for proving the consistency in the performance of the product.

The insulator apart from undergoing the regular test is even subjected to different tests such as

  • X-Ray analysis diffraction or XRD
  • Flexural strength of the test specimen
  • Investigation of Scanning Electron Microscope or SEM
  • Analysis of Energy Dispersive X-Ray or EDX
  • Check on the modulus of elasticity
  • Tests of power arc

These type of tests and strict control of the process of manufacturing as well as stringent adherence to the quality control has helped in making the modern day railway insulators in being different from their counterparts.

Overheads line catenary

The one piece core insulator is designed for working in horizontal position or they are angle mounted on the cross arm, offering max safety for electric line connections with the locomotive and the train.

Pantograph post

We offer different types of insulators as per each use for locomotives and railway line builders. Our designing department may help you with the custom solutions.

Rods and posts for switches of air disconnect

Considering every on the site installation, the PPC insulators work upright, in horizontal position or underhung.

Railway as well as Light Railway Insulators

A well reliable railway network demands reliable insulators and even though a lot of new designs are always being added to the already existing range since past few years, the formula of our EPDM has not changed even once and our trustworthy service history always continues to be our biggest asset.

Moulde on the high strength GPR rod, our wide range of insulator use the unique cladding of WT Henley. The extremely successful materials has been proven well throughout the world from different types of desert conditions in Africa to iced expanses in Canada and they have also been utilised by a number of electricity utilities for years now.

Innovative self-clean design

In order to overcome different types of problems related to the environments, with the help of the traditional ceramic technology, replacement, washing and increased number of pieces are needed, While using the polymeric technology, open profile designing as well as self-cleaning nature of the insulators, helps in ensuring highly improved system performance.

The design of our insulators are made low profile on purpose. It is a feature which is important for making sure that the railway signals are always free from any kind of obstruction. Additionally, the light in weight, vandal resistant features and self- cleaning feature of the products offer further benefits for the initial maintenance as well as construction thereby reduing the line closure which is caused due to deliberate acts of vandalism or damage.

25Kv Ml- 1 railway insulator

Designed mainly for replacing the porcelain portal insulator above as well as below gantry, these types of insulators take even the highest of loads of the insulators in the railway services. They may even be used for the purpose of independent registration where the high mechanical loads are also being stated such as tunnel application where the big supporting tubes need cahracteristics of small deflection.

25Kv Mk- 3 railway insulator

Moulded in the high strength and high resistance GRP rods, these types of insulators use the EPDM dielectrical cladding materials of Henley. This extremely successful and efficient cladding has proved to be the best throughout the workd from arctic or deserts environment for quite sometime now. The materials have outstanding pollution as well as weather performance that alongwith non-inflammability also help in aing it the best for stations as well as tunnels where the natural rain washing is absolutely not possible.

Twin or triple disc tension insulator

This type of insulator is mainly designed for directly replacing 3 ceramic CAP and PIN insulators to 121/003/002 as wel as 121/833/001 for usage just in horizontal, and in line configuration.

Return Conductor Insulators

It is a vandal resistant type of insulator which has been designed for a direct replacement of the traditional insulator.

Light Railway and Rapid Transitting Insulator

The designers of light weight railway schemes across the world are increasingly becoming wel aware of visual impact of the catenary wires in the urban landscapes.