• PB Bo. 1, Mandideep - 462 046 (M.P) India.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Plant & Machinery

  • IEC manufactures high quality insulators up to the capacity of 1200 KV.
  • Most of the machinery used in the company is imported from Germany and is supplied by world’s leading equipment manufacturers.
  • IEC also has exclusive and sophisticated computer controlled shuttle kilns of having the volume of 200 cubic meter with a loading capacity of 50 metric ton per firing cycle. The latest technology of triple fuel high velocity burners along with SCADA system has been adopted in the kilns. The Kilns have been supplied by Nutech Bickley, Mexico.
  • IEC has Pug mills with automatic pug cutters for getting uniform length of pugs. The pug mills are equipped with data-logging system for analysing the fault and rejection.
  • Most of the Insulators are turning through four axis CNC machine with the help of CADAM software for getting accurate dimension with mirror finishing. The CNC are facilitated with 3 and 7 tools operation to increase the productivity with accuracy.
  • IEC has Air Dryers with automatic control system for uniform drying of the Insulators and able to maintain the temperature of +/- 1 .C.
  • IEC has VFD controlled dry finishing booths for getting mirror finish of the green insulators before glazing.
  • Rotation type dipping method has been adopted for getting best quality of glaze coating on the Insulators which lead to good strength of the product.
  • IEC also has a state of the art modern laboratory which continuously monitors the quality of the insulators at every stage of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Capabilities & Product Range

We take pride in calling ourselves as one of the biggest and best growing manufacturer and supply of porcelain insulators.

We design and offer complete range of porcelain insulators right from 11 KV to 1200 KV for all the possible applications in power sector. Our products fulfil all the requirements of national and international standards of porcelain insulators along with any customer specific requirements.

We are having expertise for different colour of glaze like brown, grey, white etc on Insulators with excellent finishing.

We always strive to provide best quality of products and services to our customers.

We supply Hollow Insulators up to 6800 mm height, 70 mm to 400 mm internal diameter and 600 mm out diameter. Also we supply single piece hollow insulators up to 2600 mm height. With enhanced capabilities we can produce different range of Insulators.

We supply the complete range of railway insulators approved from RDSO.

R & D

IEC has very strong focus on its R & D activities which is managed by separate team of highly experienced professionals. IEC is having well equipped R&D centre with all the latest equipment which are imported from different parts of the world. Thus, the research and development aspect of the organisation is quite strong.

Some of the machines which are used for critical analysis are :

  • 1. XRF Machine – for very accurate chemical analysis of Raw Material & ceramic body.
  • 2. Sedigraph Machine – for particle size analysis of ceramic body and glaze.
  • 3. Dilatometer Machine – for thermal expansion of ceramic body and glaze.