• PB Bo. 1, Mandideep - 462 046 (M.P) India.


About us

Insulators and Electricals Company, is a unit of Ms. Hindustan Urban Infrastructure Ltd. It is considered to be a pioneer in porcelain manufacturing industry in India, with a capacity of 18000 MT annually. We manufacture Solidcore, Hollow, Railway and Disc insulators for fulfilling the requirements of the customers in electrical power plants, substation, transmission and distribution industries in India as well as other countries. The vision of IEC is to become world class manufacturer of porcelain insulators and have a major role to play in the economic growth of the country.

Insulators & Electricals Co. having its manufacturing facility at Mandideep, near Bhopal. The unit was setup in collaboration with RWI GMBH, Germany. Tata Consultancy Services provided the engineering services for the project.

Insulators and Electricals Co is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 180001 certified company. Its main focus is on the continuous improvements and innovations for fulfilling the high level of customer requirements.


The vision of our company is to become state of the art organisation with a crystal clear focus on becoming the market leader and an ideal employer.


It is IEC’s policy to manufacture and supply Electro Porcelain H.T. insulators for fulfilling the needs of customers related to intend functioning and specifications at a reasonable price and timely delivery. It makes all possible efforts for delivering good quality insulators within the stipulated time. The company ensures compliance to standards of the industry and continuous improvement of efficiency with the help of quality management system.

Certifications of the company

ISO 9001- 2015

ISO 4001- 2015

ISO 14001- 2015


IEC manufacturing facility is located at Mandideep District Raisen approximately 18 km away from Bhopal on the National Highway No. 12(NH12).